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"I am so impressed with this plugin. I decided to give it a shot over some of the other form plugins, and I am so glad I did. It works well, is so easy to use and customize. The support is amazing on top of it all. I got the pro version because I was so pleased. Highly recommend." - Micky73
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The # 1 Contact form for WordPress "Beautiful Design". WPForms

- nickthrolson

Not bad. Seems like a good option for creating simple forms. Not sure if I like the form building opening in its own screen.

- Luke Cavanagh

Simple interface, and fast. The user interface is very smooth, and quite quick. It does open a separate screen for form creation and editing, but I suspect it does this to improve flow and speed.

- WebEndev

I'm sold on WPForms!. I’ve used Formidable Pro, Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms—none of them can compare to the speed and ease I just had setting up my first form with WPForms. It took just a few minutes to have a beautiful and fully functioning form on my contact page. And it worked on the first try—which is much better than the experiences I’ve had with the other form plugins. I am thrilled with WPForms!

- Jim Krenz

Simple and Easy to use. Very simple contact form if we take into consideration basic features of free version.

- AmazingHulk

Made my workflow so easy!. I have tried numerous plugins over the years but could not found such a good user experience like WPForms, especially when its Free. Looking forward to try out paid version. Great work! Thanks

- nomans_beauty

Great UI. Easy to use and easy to customize.. I took WPForms for a spin today and was very impressed with the experience.

- RobbyMcCullough

Very user friendly!. I have used numerous Form builders, but this one has to be the most user friendly. Everything is quick and easy to navigate around. I think I finally found a Form builder that I can stay with and is affordable.

- muhammadkarim

Simple, easy and fast = best form plugin. I dont know why the existing form plugins never thought of templates. 99% of people installing this plugin want a simple contact form. Instead of you having to build it, you click the Simple Contact Form template and its built for you!

- Bill Erickson

Simple, Clean and Easy to Use Plugin.

- imrannazish

Simple and Flexible Plugin. Simple and Flexible Plugin No Technical Skills Needed Powerful WordPress Contact Form Plugin with Great Features.I recommended for every one. great Effect by Syed Balkhi and Jared Atchison.

- Santhosh veer

Really Great!. Thanks for the amazing plugin!

- ValeriaK

Great product with an awesome team behind it. Ive been a customer of Syed and team for awhile. Starting with Soliloquy Slider, OptinMonster and Envira, theyre known for producing quality products and having excellent service 🙂

- Leokoo

TY. Great job

- papacoderrs

Very easy to use!. It has been one of the easiest plugins that I have installed on my website. Very intuitive interface, and proper documentation in a video. When I had a problem, the author was fast to solve and publish an update.

- uxbruno

No Puzzle in setting up the contact form.

- Harsh Agrawal

fast, customisable. Just tried with several forms, but my feeling is very good. Lite version still has enough functions for normal sites, I believe. Going to replace Contact 7, and purchasing Pro version soon.

- hungpham

Well thought out UI. This is good plugin in with multiple options. A little limited in the Light version so I upgraded to the Basic. Well worth the price of entry. Well documented and great, well thought out interface. Definitely recommend it.

- Sterling109

Loving the plugin great suppoet. Just signed up for WPForms so I can use these forms for all my client sites. I was a little disappointed that when I added code from Google Maps the map would appear really small. Support sent me new code to add so I could have it full width on the screen. They were quick to respond and very helpful. No problems with recommending this plugin.

- peaksmedia

Turns out te be a gem. Installed it just to enter the raffle, since I happened to be looking for a good form plugin. Turns out Im really liking it!

- Verdi

Superb. Finially a modern, stylish easy to use form plugin. Love it!

- orangecrush

Perfect for my needs. I needed a quick and easy contact form for my wordpress sites. Pre-sales questions were answered quickly as were my technical support questions after purchase. This form is easy to use and perfect for my needs.

- christiaank

One of the best!.

- hurri500

Perfect. In my opinion WPForms is one of the easiest form builders to setup. I have tried others but WPForms looks and performs better.

- kestrel10

Easy to use, great UI, smooth. one of my website

- karanbhagat

Awesome Forms Plugin with Granular Control. WP Forms is a really well build forms plugin.

- BravoEchoN

Simple to build, Beautiful everywhere.. Seriously the best form editor Ive ever used. I especially like the option to customize the sizing of entry fields. Makes customizing a breeze.

- jgold90

Great forms builder plugin. First of all WPForms is a great forms builder plugin. I already using WPForms lite version for contact form and this is the best free plugin for forms building and of course easy to use.

- mdsarwar

the simplest and workable plugin. what works

- nilabhranjan

Best free contact form plugin. Must admit that this is the best free contact form plugin. Used another famous contact form plugin but looks terrible.

- Andrew

Best Forms Plugin. Best Forms plugin, Drag and drop functionality is awesome, customer support is very responsive.

- zakamd

The easy to use forms plugin. WP Forms is the newest WordPress forms plugin to enter the market. What makes WP Forms different to other forms plugins is the focus on making things simple for the end user. After testing various form solutions I setted on WP Forms because my customers found it easy to use.

- Jay Okey

Amazing! Best form plugin!. Ive tried several form plugins (wont mention names but you will guess which ones) and been frustrated/disappointed with them. But I absolutely LOVE WPForms! It is SO well thought out and designed, the interface is genius! And its all so damn easy to use Im so happy that I found this plugin, thanks guys, you ROCK!!!

- farnott

One of the best. This plugin is worth the money. If youre looking for a great form plugin with superb support, this is the one. You can choose to stay free and enjoy many finely made features or choose from a few different levels of features for an amazing value. The thing that sets this sort from the competition is a responsive and helpful support team and your involvement as customers. If the plugin is missing features, just send a request. Its still growing, but thats one of the charming things about it.

- samggeer

Does Exactly What it Claims. Just plain simple. Very intuitive. Drag and drop fields. Clean, simple and just a nice contact form for any site. Brilliant! Thank you.

- mda1125

Best contact form I have ever used!. This is the best contact form plugin I have ever used. It is super intuitive and easy to use. THANK YOU!

- magentawave

Easy to use, free version is a bit limited (as expected). Being new to WP, Im not able to modify the STYLING of the forms (theyre plain with odd proportions) but the plugin affords all the FUNCTIONALITY I need. Setting up each form (as many as you like) is pretty simple and involves an intuitive interface.

- BothHands

The best WP form builder. Thank you guys for creating this plugin. Its simple and easy to use.

- Frank128

Great plugin!. Great plugin! Easy to use. Also good FREE version

- aliako

Semplice da configurare, perfetto da utilizzare. I write in italian language because there are also a lot of positive feedbacks motivated in english, thats awesome but in this way I think they will be better understood by compatriots 🙂

- Gioxx

Only form ive needed. @wpforms

- Jaypipin

Best support. They really go beyond to help you if need be and just an awesome plugin

- cayesd

Best plugin. Best Free contact form creater plugin and easy to use.

- pawanks

Very good plugin. I have used this plugin for some time. Its very useful.

- prajitdas

Great plugin, thanks!. Love this plugin!

- vlues23

Easy to use!. Great Plugin !

- krijmfresj

Very good plugin!. Very good plugin!

- Rodolfo

Оценка плагина. Спасибо! Отличный плагин

- cl170319

Great Form Builer. The form builder was easy to use even for a newbie like me!

- astisis

Great product. Super easy!

- creationdepot

Best form-maker plugin Ive tried. and Ive tried a lot extensively lol using the Pro version is worth every penny for power-(form)-users (and developers) 😀 it just works! Thats it. Simply put it just works. Thank you for a wonderful plugin 🙂

- Danice

Simply Amazing!. The drag and drop builder makes it super easy to quickly create a form within minutes. And to make things even faster on top of this, the plugin has readymade templates of the most common form types to plug-and-play and reduce the creation time to just a few seconds!

- Paras Shah

Very good PlugIn. What I realy love about the tool is the easy to use.

- schuhri

Very effective plugin!. Too good to add this so effective plugin to deal with my forms needs! 🙂

- adeelsami

what i needed. Very good plugin.

- cantropo

Easy to use!. Looks good and is easy to use.

- WendyMayes

Works great. Very happy! Thanks

- nesika

Why look elsewhere?. I had spent countless hours looking for a form to do a simple lead generation, all the while ignoring WPForms because they werent in the big leagues according to some of the review sites I use.

- jasonmjkruger

Muto bom!. Muito bom!

- ronaldomonfredo

Great plugin!. This is a great plugin to have, using it on all of my sites. Thanks for the plugin 🙂

- sanji41

Love this plugin!. Excellent service, Jared very helpful with my pre-sales enquires.

- clarkelz

The best form-maker for me. I tried several, but this is the best form-maker for me!

- kayauswien

Excellent plugin matched our needs perfectly. Excellent plugin with a splendid feature set and very good intuitive interface.

- Anthony Butler

Easy to use. I love it! The free version has enough options to create a form that matches your theme and wishes.

- dionnekathleen

WP Edit Plugin. Allows me to have complete control over every piece of text I enter on my web site.

- mmcclosk

Very Simple To Use. This is a very good plugin. Avoid Contact Form 7

- Scott Fichter

easy to use!. nuff said. so far it causes no conflicts (and ive got quite a bit going on plugin-wise as i started with the Storefront theme, which is bare bones). easy to figure out too. thanks!

- dorimondon

Perfect. Easy just as it is named.

- mike973

Works. The plugin works well and does what its supposed to.

- thawbaker

Great Plugin!!!. I love this plugin. Its compatible with my theme and VERY easy to use. It is also a nice clean looking form.

- robincameronbiz

Great form plugin. Works great! Easy to use and edit. Wouldnt change a thing!

- shewenttospain

Excellent. Great plugin, very usefull

- terbea

Great Results & Easy to Use.

- iry

A good plugin. Works very simply and efficiently. A good plugin.

- missymusson

Great Plugin. I recently switched to this contact plugin and it works!

- pregwebwp

Love the ease of use!. This plugin has helped me a great deal when building websites in WordPress. Its ease of use as a new site designer is very much appreciated. Thank you. Jill

- BloggerJill

WPForms. Easy to Use & 5 Star support.

- hmabpera

Facile. Très facile dutilisation.

- corraini

Brilliant for basic form requirements..

- gene-stevo

Does what it says on the tin. Set up was a breeze within a few minutes I had a working contact form.

- marksean2014

Works Great for What We Needed. We only needed a basic online form for visitors to request additional information. This has worked for us very nicely!

- snapp

Does just what it says.. It is so easy and it works.

- johnbrid

Very useful. Great plugin. Quick to set up. Nice that it has no-captcha built in.

- mkpe

Best contact form plugin. Excellent plugin for building professional contact forms.

- mridulmahajan

easy to use. easy to use

- vertigopower

effortless. effortless. I dont even know its there.

- nosnowinho

Great plugin. I like this plugin for its ease of use.

- deckstro

Great plugin. five stars

- forgivenessprocessing

We love this plugin. Its easy to use, works perfectly, and looks great on our website. Thank you!

- cobberas63

Excellent plug-in. Excellent plug-in, no problem so far

- gadgetscall

Its working. Its working as they say it will 🙂

- rosito

Nice. Nice

- edalcin

Good plugins better than contact form 7.

- malcolm75

Quick and Easy Forms. I have used Gravity Forms, Ninja and Contact Form 7. This is by far the best plug-in to build a great form quickly. The pro version extends its capabilities. Highly recommended!

- creativeBill

So Easy!. The easiest form plugin ever. Works perfectly. Very satisfied!

- bethdegeer

Masterful Tool!. So far, this is by and far one of the most masterful website tools that Ive ever used! I recommend it to everyone running a wordpress website of any sort!

- wdallan

Trustworthy. I have been using it for quite a while now. I like it. Thank you WPForms creators!

- Ushi50

Very Useful. I enjoy using this plug-in alot

- islahla

Simple to use and works!. I tried a few high rated forms but ran into some issues and found them overly complicated. I cant comment on whether that would be useful if I required more from the forms but it certainly put a block in the way of setting up the forms quickly and easily.

- bruciebonus

Very NIce Plugin. Im using it and it works without problems!

- dreamframer

Solid plugin. Solid plugin.

- audiospandrel

Simple and easy to use. Simple, easy set up. Practically idiot proof. Does the job.

- grumpyoldgit

Powerful Tool. Extremely easy to use, yet very powerful!

- efran1526

wpform. awesome!

- filani

Easy Form Builder. Simple no fuss form builder. It works fine. Cute logo too.

- paullwebster

Good one. Good one

- nachiappa

Useful and easy to use. Useful and easy to use

- Monica

I really like it. Works great and very easy to use. Excellently designed. Havent had any problems.

- D

Very nicely laid out!. I really like the plugin. The way the received email looks is super sharp and professional. The way the plugin works is very user friendly! Well done!

- Colour Infusion

Does what it says on the tin!. Easy to set up. And actually works virtually straight out of the box.

- zanchit

easy to edit and looks good. easy to edit and looks good

- fatif

Great plugin!. Really useful and easy to use.

- bozidar tanic

Excellent!. The form is excellent, easy to use and beautiful.

- erickgarciiaa

Most intuitive forms package yet. Easy!

- brucemiracle

Thanks. Good Plugin

- imsirius

Best Plugin. I liked the free version of the plugin very much. As a suggestion you should add option for:

- junaidofficial

Easy to use!. Does what it promises. I needed something that provides an easy-to-build form for nontechnical users working on the site, and this fits the bill. Thank you for a great plug-in!

- thegoddessatwork

One of my favourites. Easy to use and looks great. This is a form I use regularly along with Contact Form 7

- Seb Alexander

Perfect. Nothing to say

- ymoumen

Quick and Easy.

- Sancoale Technologies

Best form plugin!. I love this Form plugin. I recommend the Pro version a lot.

- carasmo

Easy, reliable plugin. Best kind of plugin: does what you need it to do, and you dont have to worry about it.

- elzadra

Easy and light. Easy to use, forms are neat.

- tuulaa

great plugin!. simple and easy to use.

- must love crows

Great plugin. Easy to use plugin

- shiseida

This plugin is wonderful. Easy setup, Everything works after getting my mail server talking thanks

- newiehl

Great plugin. Easy to use, simple.

- virginielh

Works perfect.. Works like a charm.

- 4DToday

Good Plugin. I use this plugin for my forms. We process a good number of entries on a weekly basis. It is easy to use and reliable. Thanks! I havent run into any serious yet.

- robhammann

Works Great. Great plugin, no issues.

- yngvai

WP Forms.

- ahmadmdwasim

Really a good plugin, easy to use. I installed WPForms after my other plugin killed the whole website after an update. I searched a bit, found WPForms and am really happy with it. Its simple, easy to use and matches all my requirements. Great work!

- PeterServatius

Intuitive. I find this plugin to be very intuitive and easy to teach to anyone on our staff.

- holyfool

Good plugin. nice

- Hansel

Excellent simple form.. Easy to set up. Easy to read .

- Brianne163

Excellent!. The best. Simple and awesome for the basic plan.

- nicofran

Works great. Works like a charm, better than all the forms plugins out there, highly recommended.

- WP AMP Ninja

Easy to use. really easy to learn and use.

- brucekdan

Excellent, works just great..

- basembr

Just works!. Great mail form plugin, easy to set up and just works! Excellent !

- paulprd

Easy to use and it works. Struggled with forms for years not any more

- dickovski

wp forms lite WordPress plugin. Its working fine with me and easy to use

- sanaadnan

Perfect for my needs. Ive used this plugin on several sites Ive built and its perfect easty to use, and just works. Very grateful that this plugin exists.

- LouisePKelly

Excellent Plugin Effective and Easy to Use. We are very pleased with the WPForms plugin. It is easy to use and we have put it to work at our website ( for many reasons (registrations, subscriptions, payments and donations,etc.)

- soniaprcny109

Very Easy to Use. Was running on my site within minutes.

- patty2007

Awesome plugin easy to customize. I liked the plugin, its easy to customize. recomended

- sansrawat

It works. The free version just forwards messages received from the simple contact form on our website to our normal email address. Thats exactly what we needed!

- trinityvtadmin

Great plugin.. Easy to set up and use. Does the job!

- setho1

Easy for beginner or novice to use. I was very impressed with the ease of use and functionality for the robust form I needed to create. I hadnt done one in awhile and it was easy to figure out and follow instructions. Thanks!! I really appreciate your product.

- legacylandco

What a SNAP!. Found this plugin to be user friendly and completely suited to my needs. My only reservation is that annoying little notice requesting a pat on the back. Quite willing to pat but I installed it on several sites so, with every site twined with a development site, I got a lot of requests for pats;)

- johnhake

Easy to create contact form. great for creating the contact form i needed.

- astephens

Does the job. A solid plug in

- sphotosyd

A Snap and Efficient. Dont have time for a lot of programming and customizing, wanted drag and drop functionality with ability to customize whether small appearances or large-scale routing of forms and messages WP Forms does it all. Took minutes to set up about a year ago and never had a problem since. Cloning one form into multiple sections of sites, changing the title and back-end routing to various emails took minutes. Enabling CAPTCHA and I have never been spammed. Love this app

- waltersaunders972

Easy to use and beautiful out of the box. After using a variety of forms, I like WPForms the best because its easy to use and looks great without custom coding. Great product.

- jalmond

WP Forms Lite. I love WP Forms Lite because its so simple to use! Its a very well thought-out plug-in.

- ccsurf

Best free form plugin!. event in free version this form plugin does great job! awesome!

- suranegara

Simple and works. Simple and works

- IvanVa

Easy to use and perfect for my needs. Great plugin, the best I have found, so far.

- Bliss07

Great plugin. Easy to set up and use right away. Great plugin. Easy to set up and use right away

- DEP Tech

Really nice Plugin.

- debf

No fuss, no hassle, no problems. Completely painless, which cannot necessarily be said for the competition

- caseyfern

Satisfied. It was very easy to use and I had 0 problems 😀

- victimized

Very nice. Easy to use, intuitive.

- hannesofie

Very good plugin. Very good plugin! Plug and Play in no time!

- Edwinspie

WPForms. Excellent plugin. Capable, but simple to use.

- Berkshireman

Excellent. A great plug in. Even the free version is pretty customizable, but he Pro version provides pretty much every contact form feature you can imagine or would need. One of my fave plugins, great work!

- redrumhead

Easy to use. Simple and easy to use. You dont have to break you head on how to use it.

- GayaneGanapolsky

Плъгина е супер, дори и в безплатния си вариант.. Плъгина е супер, дори и в безплатния си вариант.

- Selevk

Pretty nice and straight forward!. Pretty nice and straight forward!

- Subrata Sarkar

Best form plugin. Finally I found my favorite form plugin.

- fredrikk

Simple Plugin. Good plugin, very easy to use.

- antonfirdaus

No coding, so good for beginners. Best forms plugin ive found in many years using WordPress

- asnowden

Great for very simple forms. Would have liked to be able to format email of entries.

- judysemo

Excellent. Best plugin for Contact forms.

- carltorn60

Review. Works both on desktop and mobile. No problems

- hilmyh

So easy. Its a no-hassle installation. Comes out of the box working just right! Thanks for your development 🙂

- bacigirl

Excellent plugin. Excellent plugin

- emprendimientohoy

Contact Form 7 and Pirate Forms didnt work. I respect Contact Form 7 and Pirate Forms but they simply didnt comply (or work) on Constructzine Lite theme. I installed WPForms and hit instant success. This will be my contact form plug-in from now on.

- moonenbeams

Great plugin. Just what I wanted! Great plugin!

- skrat1234

Excellent. Excellent

- denivid

Perfect for non-coder and freebie :). Very easy to use. Also its free version of popup has good design. My subscription to the site has been increased due to popup.

- savitamunde

great forms tool!. easy to use, very clean.

- wr

Great plugin. Great form creating tool. Easy to use & excellent advanced customizations.

- sondone

Simple and Fast. Easy to install and activate. simple and fast to configure. Works perfectly.

- naturalweb005

Excellent. The only plugin like this that I found, that I could both understand and worked. Highly Recomend

- kentkeller

Easy to use. Simple, fast and easy to use. Perfect!

- Júlio César

Good plugin. Simple and fast. Considering upgrade to premium.

- droni481

Excellent Plug In. This is an excellent plug in, easy to use, comfortable and very comprehensive!

perfect. Works great!

- jmgswiss

Great Feature. Hope I can do more forms free

- catherinedizon

Absolutely love it!.

- vftmandy

easy to learn and to use. Great plugin. Easy to use. Very user friendly.

- nikolaidesign

Awesome!. Very good! Awesome! Simple and basic, just what I need!

- llima14

Just what I needed!. Very happy to find this plugin: its perfect for the simple forms I need to provide. Easy to set up, simple to use.

- sewkmm

Simple, but very functionally. Fantastic contact forms can be done with this plugin.

- kaiquealves

Very fast and easy to use. I ditched contact form 7 on all my sites and replaced with wpforms. Takes about 30 seconds to make a contact form with this plugin.

- hippyhappyblogger

Very very good. Not only is this very good, it actually works too.

- Zensadog1

Smooth Support. As always, WpBeginners Syed Moiz Balkhi hit the nail on the head and with support from WPForms Jared Atchison, this is one of the very best plugins that I have ever used. All the sites my agency creates get this plugin first tier. Thanks to the WPForms Team for their hard work, quick responses, and powerful technology. This is a no brainer.

- douglaswebdesigns

Great. Works very good and gets the job done

- idiz31

Amazing plugin. The plugin is great, much much better than contact form 7

- parraster
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